Morini anatomical grips


Our grips with anatomical profile are made from walnut and are 100% hand made in our factory in Switzerland. The entire “weapon side” process of the grip is made on CNC machines and by hand. The grips are standard made or on request individually. 

Grips sizes

XXS  L= 71-79 mm

XS L= 76-84 mm

S L= 81-89 mm

M L= 86-94 mm

L L= 91-99 mm

XL L= 100-105 mm

XXL L > 105 mm

L = Width

The following measurements are indicative and may vary depending on the type of hand.

Morini Competition Arm SA cannot guarantee the perfect fitting for every person.

Grip for CM 200EI

Grip for CM 162EI

Grip for CM 162EI Short

Grip for CM 162MI

Grip for CM 162MI Short

Grip for CM 22M

Grip for CM 22M RF

Grip for CM 84E

Grips for other brands



Morini Grip Compound 750 ml / 125 ml