Morini CM200EI: the Air Pistol that reincarnates the Free Pistol.

Advanced Swiss Precision Technology


Explore the CM200EI!  The Morini CM200EI is an Air Pistol that incarnates the features of the CM84E free pistol, bringing them into the world of air pistols. The CM200EI is designed to replicate the feel and performance of the CM84E, making it ideal for shooters competing in both categories.


Since its introduction in 2018, the CM200EI has proven its worth by attracting the attention of international shooters who want to have the CM84E trigger on an air pistol. At its first Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, the CM200EI collected 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.


The CM200EI Compensator is designed to improve the overall performance of the pistol. The specific shape reduce recoil and muzzle lift during firing, allowing the shooter to maintain greater stability and control over the weapon.

The Morini Compensator of CM162EI air pistol enhancing shooting stability and accuracy by reducing recoil and muzzle lift with 28 air vents


The Morini CM200EI mount the standard Front Sight 5 x 8.5mm. Other sights are available with different sizes to best suit your shooting sight.


*see other front sight sizes on the accessories

Standard front sight 5 x 8.5mm of Morini CM162EI air pistol, with other sizes available to suit shooting sight in accessories


Our simple and functional rear sight allow you to adapt your sight to your needs.

  • Vertical adjustment
  • Horizontal adjustment
  • Adjusting the width of the rear sight notch

*A rear sight special mount is available as an accessory that allows the rear sight to be moved transversely for extra customisation.

Rear sight of Morini CM162EI air pistol with vertical and horizontal adjustment, adjustable rear sight notch, and special mount available as accessory for extra customisation


The most advanced electronic board in the world of shooting sports.


Our dedication to advancing the shooting sport has inspired us to create the world's first Bluetooth Electronic Board, featuring an Arm Cortex processor, gyroscope, and accelerometer.


The brand new Bluetooth Electronic Board offers multiple advantages over our old board.

  • The new type of CR2 3V lithium battery allows shooting up to 35'000 Shots.
  • You can also use rechargeable batteries for better ecological sustainability.
  • No risk of battery acid leakage.
  • A smartphone application dedicated for your training.....and much more.
Bluetooth Electronic Board of CM162EI air pistol with Arm Cortex processor, gyroscope, accelerometer, CR2 3V lithium battery, rechargeable battery option, and smartphone application for training
Recommended batteries for CM162EI air pistol: Varta CR2 3V Lithium, Duracell CR2 3V Lithium, Panasonic CR2 3V Lithium, Energizer CR2 3V Lithium, tested by Morini Competition Arm for up to 35,000 shots
Types of Bluetooth Electronic Board for Morini Competition Arm SA application: CM162EI Version 3.0, CM84E Version 3.0, CM200EI Version 5.0; RED RESIN boards cannot connect


Types of Bluetooth Electronic Board that can connect to the "Morini Competition Arm SA" application:

  • CM162EI: Version 3.0
  • CM84E: Version 3.0
  • CM200EI: Version 5.0
  • Electronic Board for CM200EI below Version 5.0 cannot connect to the application "Morini Competition Arm SA"

*check what type of circuit board is equipped on your pistol.

**from 1 January 2022 the CM200EI is equipped with the new bluetooth electronic board v. 5.0.

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Thanks to the new type of Bluetooth Electronic Board, we developed the world's first smartphone application dedicated to shooting sports training.


Via Bluetooth connection, you can connect to our smartphone app ‘Morini Competition Arm SA’, available for Android and Apple.


The app is the perfect companion for your training sessions, helping you to improve your stability and accuracy shot after shot.

Morini Competition Arm SA smartphone application for shooting sports training with Bluetooth Electronic Board, available for Android and Apple, improves training sessions stability and accuracy





Morini Competition Arm SA Application, APP Morini, Morini PlayStore
Morini Competition Arm SA Application, APP Morini, Morini AppleStore


50 years of History of Wood Grip.


Morini’s first grips with anatomical design were considered to be of paramount importance. From the beginning, at Morini’s factory, the grip was seen as the interface between Pistol and Shooter and therefore a very important element of harmony.


Walnut wood allows us to create the grips that are now the most famous in the world.

Morini Grip for CM200EI air pistol, anatomical design, walnut wood, famous pistol and shooter interface


The Morini CM200EI Pressure Regulator is an essential component that contributes significantly to the pistol performance. It's ability to maintain a pressure stabilityprevent pressure variations and optimise compressed air consume makes it an essential element for shooters seeking precision and reliability in Sport Shooting.

  • Pressure stability: The pressure regulator is responsible for maintaining a constant air pressure to ensure that each shot is fired with the same force and velocity, thereby improving the accuracy of the shot. 
  • Prevention of Pressure Variations:  This helps to maintain a constant performance even during long shooting sessions.
  • Safety and Reliability: The CM200EI pressure regulator optimises compressed air consume, ensuring that only the necessary amount is used for each shot.
  • Special features:  The seal is located inside the bottle, not on the outside like pistols from other manufacturers. In case the seal breaks, simply switch to a new bottle.

*Sufficient air for a guaranteed 200 shots when charged to 200 bar at a standard speed of Vo = 150 m/s

**The air pressure cannot exceed 200 bar / 2900 psi.

Morini CM200EI pressure regulator for consistent pistol performance, pressure stability, prevention of pressure variations, optimized compressed air consumption, safety and reliability, 150 shots at 200 bar


CM200EI is equipped with the world first digital manometer, which is one of its most advanced and distinctive features.


CM200EI cylinders now feature a new type of processing, called shot peening.


Shot peening is a machining process involving the use of small balls or “pellets” of abrasive material, such as steel, ceramic or plastic, to finish and improve the surface of a workpiece. Shot peening can also be used to improve the surface finish, create a uniform surface and improve the fatigue resistance of the material.


Colors: Matte Orange & Yellow

Digital manometer for Morini CM200EI air pistol, providing reliable pressure measurement for consistent pistol performance and shooting precision
CM200EI is equipped with the world first digital manometer, which is one of its most advanced and distinctive features.
Morini CM200EI air pistol cylinder with shot peening process, available in Matte Orange and Yellow, improves surface finish and fatigue resistance
TüV Certification.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 88.0 KB


Our cylinders are now TüV SUD certified.


Unique concept design made by Morini Competition Arm SA.


The Morini CM200EI Frame is now shot peened, giving it greater strength and a Matte Black finishing.


Color: Matte Black

Morini CM200EI frame with unique concept design by Morini Competition Arm SA, shot peened for greater strength, matte black color


The world famous CM84E trigger has been fitted in the CM200EI. With two direct contacts and withouth a microswitch controlling the electronic, it makes it more responsive and more sensitive to offer a shooting experience similar to the CM84E free pistol but at 10 meters.


*Reaction time of CM200 EI's trigger is 0.4 ms. In the App "Morini Competition Arm SA" is possible to adjust the reaction time settings from 0.0 to 1.6ms.


In collaboration with Lothar Walther, the EDM ventilated barrel of the CM200EI has different characteristics to standard pistol barrels. The holes on the barrel enhances shooting stability and reduces recoil, elevating accuracy with every shot.


A polygonal barrel is a type of barrel that has an internal profile that is not smooth, but consists of a series of polygons extending along the length of the barrel.


The main characteristic of polygonal barrels is that, unlike conventionally barrels, it doesn't have grooves and ridges. Instead, the inner surface is formed by straight edges that define polygons.


Polygonal barrels are designed to provide better grip and guidance to the pellet as it passes through the barrel. This can lead to greater accuracy over time. In addition, polygonal barrels can be easier to clean than traditional pistol barrels.

  • Better Precision
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Major Endurance
EDM ventilated barrel of the CM200EI, The holes on the barrel enhances shooting stability, Polygonal barrels are designed to provide better grip and guidance to the pellet


CM162EI Front Sight

Front Sights available:

  • 4.0x7.0mm (Art. 162002A/7)
  • 4.0x8.5mm (Art. 162002)
  • 5.0x7.0mm (Art. 162002/7)
  • 5.0x10.0mm (Art. 162002/10)
  • 5.50x7.00mm (Art. 162002C/7)
  • 5.50x8.5mm (Art. 162002C)
  • 6.0x7.0mm (Art. 162002D/7)
  • 6.0x8.5mm (Art. 162002D)

CM162EI Rear Sight Mount for transverse movements



Art. 200069AT

Rear Sight Mount for transverse movements

CM162EI Trigger tongue for long finger



Art. 162085AT

Trigger tongue for long finger

CM162EI Barrel weight set 2x15gr. compl.



Art. 200450T

Barrel weight set 2x7gr. compl.


CM162EI Support for Grip   Supported shooting is aimed at older male and female shooters. This discipline in its own right allows seniors to practise shooting sports into old age.



Art. 162470T

Support for Grip 

CM162EI Titanium content: Content:  1x CM162EI Titanium  2x Cylinders Matte Titanium  1x Tool Kit  1x Air Adapter 200bar  1x Air Release  1x Manual CM162EI  1x Manual Bluetooth Electronic Board


1x CM200EI

2x Cylinders Matte Orange & Yellow

2x Barrel weight 2 x 7gr.

1x Tool Kit

1x Air Adapter 200bar

1x Air Release

1x Manual CM200EI

1x Manual Bluetooth Electronic Board

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CM162EI Titanium