CM 200ei

The new model is an improving of our traditional technique, has much more performance and reaches the high technical requirements of the shooters.

It was 1992 when Morini Competition Arm SA presented the CM 162E, the first compressed Air Pistol with ball bearing trigger unit and electronic trigger as world premiere. Thanks to the experience acquired during the World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games and the several successes achieved with the CM 162EI, it’s now the time to change and present the CM200EI.


CM 200EI More performance than ever!

CM 200EI Limited edition PURPLE

CM 200EI Limited edition TITAN

What is your competition?

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Air cylinders equipped with analogic manometer. Seal is inside the cylinder and not outside on the pistol…

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Brochure Morini Competition 2020
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Brochure Morini CM 200EI
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