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This electronic of new generation connected with the smartphone focus on training at home. Thanks to this new system the basic training and functions in the gun become even easier and can be seen as a challenge for a new shooting dimension! This new version of electronic focus on the practice at home. Thanks to the advanced software, we are always able to make it better every time thanks to the feedback of the shooters. With our electronic will be always possible to update both firmware and software to improve even more your training. The customer will be informed about the new updates through the websites and Social Media.

10m Air Pistol Men Junior
🥇Narwal Shiva, India - CM162EI Titanium
🥈 Singh Sarabjot, India - CM162EI

10m Air Pistol Women Junior
🥇 Palak Palak, India - CM162EI Titanium
🥈 Manu Bhaker, India - CM162EI
🥉Dulce Anna, Moldavia - CM162EI Titanium

10m Air Pistol Mixed Team Junior
🥇Saurabh Chaudary, India - CM162EI Titanium
🥈Palak Palak, India - CM162EI Titanium
🥈Singh Sarabjot, India - CM162EI Titanium

10m Air Pistol Team Men Junior
🥇Singh Sarabjot, India - CM162EI
🥇Saurabh Chaudary, India - CM162EI Titanium
🥇Narwal Shiva, India - CM162EI Titanium
🥈Nikitin Veniamin, Uzbekistan - CM200EI

10m Air Pistol Team Women Junior
🥇 Manu Bhaker, India - CM162EI Titanium
🥇 Palak Palak, India - CM162EI Titanium

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Morini Air Pistols

Air cylinders equipped with analogic manometer. Seal is inside the cylinder and not outside on the pistol…

Morini Free pistols

Electronic mechanism gives minimum lock-time from trigger release to fire. Ball bearing trigger unit provides friction-free action…

Morini Sport pistols

Uses direct bullet-feed from magazine to breach rather than between magazine lips which can cause rim or bullet-nose…


CM 200EI More performance than ever!

CM 200EI Limited edition PURPLE

CM 200EI Limited edition TITAN

Brochure Morini Competition 2020
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Brochure Morini CM 200EI
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