Morini Competition Arm


What is now produced by all pistol manufacturers and used by more and more increasing number of shooters, is the result of a successfull project presented worldwide the first time in 1992 by Morini Competition Arm SA: the compressed air pistol CM 162E. The modell uses exclusively compressed air, has an electronic trigger und ball bearing trigger unit system.


The excellent results shown at Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups, European and National Championships are the proof of a good project and a good product.


One of the world’s legendary shooter Ragnar Skanaker from Sweden, actively took part in the project. The cooperation with Skanaker also brought further fruits and, in 1993, the CM 84E free pistol was born, spotting an electronic trigger, ball bearing system and a sensor which detects the finger’s presence inside the trigger guard. Ragnar Skanaker was the first international shooter using the prototypes of CM 162E and CM 84E at international competitions and won several World Cups.


Traditional Suisse made

Story and innovations


Morini Competition Arm SA has been established in Italy in 1973 as an anatomical grip maker factory for sport pistols. Back then, shooters still hadn’t started using personalized grips, because all attention has been focused on the mechanical aspect of the gun. Morini’s first grips with anatomical design were considered to be of paramount importance. From the beginning, at Morini’s factory, the grip was seen as the interface between gun and shooter and therefore a very important element of harmony. Hämmerli AG was the first company to realize that and started to use Morini’s grip as standard grips for their pistols (free pistol 150 and 152, standard pistol 208/215, 240 and rapid fire pistol 230/232).



Thanks the increased grip production due to orders from Hämmerli and the production of the company’s first free pistol CM 80 in 1980, Morini Competition Arm SA became an industrial company in 1982.



First .22 l.r. Standard Pistol with reliable electronic trigger unit.

During the following years, complying with laws and regulations governing guns become more and more complicated in Italy, in 1985 the company decided to moveto Lamone, Canton Ticino,the Italian speaking regionof Switzerland. With its spiritof continuing innovation Morini Competition Arm SA started in 1985 producing the modelCM 102E, the first sport pistol in the world with an electronic trigger. 



The company moved to Bedano, its current headquarter, which is another small village of the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. Here, the company has built, side by side with gun and grip production lines a multifunctional target range, normally used by the local police force. Innovative designing continued and theCM 162E was born.



First compressed air pistol with 200 bar compressed air cylinder and electronic trigger unit with ball bearing.

When all 4.5 mm (0.177) used either air that had to be

precompressed by a piston or CO2, Morini Competition Arm SA manufactured the first compressed air pistol with a 200 bar compressed air cylinder and electronic trigger unit with ball bearing. Predictably there were some teething problems, difficulties like the unavailability of 200 bar compressed air. These have been solved and today the CM 162EI, the later version with the interchangeable air cylinder, is one of the most popular target airguns in the world and the system of precompressed air in the cylinder has been universally adopted by all other pistol manufacturer.



First .22 l.r. free pistol with electronic trigger unit with ball bearing.

The cooperation with Skanaker also brought further fruits and, in 1993, the CM 84E free pistol was born, sporting an electronic trigger unit with ball bearing and a sensor which detects the finger’s presence inside the trigger guard. 

All technical details were finalized with the aim of helping the shooter to improve scores and perform well in competitions. The CM 84E won the World Championship in Milan 1994 with the legendary Chinese shooter Wang Yifu and the European Championship in Zurich in 1995 with the Rumanian shooter Babii Sorin.



First air pistol equipped with analogic manometer on 200 bar compressed air cylinder.


The model CM 162MI was born, the air pistol version for the aficionados of mechanical trigger and with multidirectional adjustment of the grip.



Again the Chinese legendary shooter Wang Yifu won the World Championship in Barcelona with the air pistol CM 162EI.



The semiautos CM 22M, CM 22M-RF and CM 32M for Standard, Rapid Fire and Centre Fire disciplines were born.



The Chinese Tao Luna won the Olympic Games in Sydney with the air pistol CM 162EI. Till date, competitions at all levels have been won using Morini pistols: Olympics, World Championship, World Cups, European Championships, and, of course, Nationals in various countries.



During this period of time Morini made technical improvement on the weapons and grips thanks the suggestions from the world’s best shooters.



First air pistol equipped with digital manometer on 200 bar compressed air cylinder.



After 34 yearS the Korean Shooter Jin Jong-oh broke with 583 points the world record in 50m Pistol Men with his CM 84E Free Pistol.


Introduction of the technique and the use of carbon fiber.


The new CM 200EI is an improving of our traditional technique.


Morini Competition Arm SA starts a partnership with Repich Sport & Shooting SA by using the new electronic system for CM200EI